Izzy Ehrlich

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Izzy Ehrlich is an editor known for her unique point of view and when you step into her suite, you’ll notice a few things right away. The first will probably be her tattoos. The ink still drying on some, others are old and rough—but don’t let them fool you. Beneath the artwork is a disarming and a fiery soul that will light up any room. Some of her awards may catch your eye; a pride of Lions, a Clio, an AICE, ADCCs, to name a few. There will undoubtedly be a pro-looking bicycle trainer set up in the corner (she likes to ride while she renders), while photos of her punk bands and her floppy rescue pup, Millie, will conjure some great stories. Izzy’s visceral, immediate, and captivating style will prove her a strong collaborator who elevates any project to a level that leaves creatives and clients inspired. You might even feel the urge to get a tattoo…